Monthly Archives: May 2011

art and war: a thought to ponder today


Art and War: two extreme ends of the spectrum of human will, to create or destroy…to compose, or impose. As such, both Art and War can rarely escape (in my opinion) one of the primary social embodiments of human will: Religion. I am a man of faith, but I am also gay. This puts me on the fence between social majorities who refer to religion to condemn me, and scientists who are searching for explanations why gayness exists, and within whom I trust to find answers to counteract the condemnation. Last year, the United States officially declared an end to the war in Iraq. We have 50,000 troops stationed there for now as advisors, but as I understand we will not be fighting the war in Iraq anymore. I can’t begin to catalog all of the history or emotion involved in this seven-year war that was instigated by the strong feelings of vulnerability that we in the United States had after 9/11. But it is interesting to ponder how Religion played such a major part in both 9/11, our reaction, the Iraqi war and insurgency, and now our conflicts in Afghanistan as we wind down our Iraqi involvement. I would be very interested to see how artistic expression manifests itself in Iraq now that we have (hopefully) stabilized the country and staunched the violence in that part of the Middle East, and what part Religion will play in that region. Isn’t it time to just ask the question once and for all: IS art as important as war? Is it as transformative? Isn’t it just as innate, the urge to imagine, as the urge to fight? Isn’t it strange that in life sometimes you have to hope for the best (musical instruments) and plan for the worst (guns), and prayers are usually said for both.