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all you need is love (and grooovy music and costumes)

Staib Dance collaborated with the Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus for our most recent concert in July 2010

Staib Dance collaborated with the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus for our most recent concert in July 2010

They’ve done it again! The Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus performed their latest concert “All You Need Is Love: The Music of the Beatles” on July 9th and 10th to enthusiastic audiences–dare I say “screaming fans?” All reports indicate it was another homerun for the Chorus and Artistic Director Kevin Robison, who also conceived the tribute and arranged all the music. A special “Wow!” has to be said for Staib Dance, the eight-woman Emory-based dance troupe who collaborated with choreographer Eric Klem and performed onstage throughout the show, lending inventive interpretive dance to the music. Despite a record 30 songs performed, the chorus energy never flagged and the seamless flow between Beatles hits left the audience cheering for even more at the final curtain drop, as a waving, smiling chorus, arm in arm, swayed to the namesake tune “All You Need is Love.” A special highlight of the evening: “Eleanor Rigby” morphing with music and stagework into “Hey Jude” and the audience waving colored glowsticks back and forth as the whole theater repeated the chorus. Wow! Rumor has it that another great AGMC season is in store for ’10-’11 (its 30th season) with a sequel to the recent “Opera OUR Way” concert and a concert featuring a venerable Everywoman of stage and screen, Joanna Gleason. Fans of the chorus can hardly wait! Well done, AGMC. You are on your way to the top! -Scott